Release March 1, 2024


Rainbow reactor fusion – Remastered

The Paint-filled VR Puzzler Comes to PlayStation VR2

Three years after its debut on the Meta Quest store, this unique fusion of a match-3 puzzler and a story-based adventure arrives on PSVR2 with enhanced graphics, improved effects and even more content.


  • Solve the mystery in story mode – Explore the Rainbow Reactor and solve wide range of puzzles as you gather more and more strange tools from the factory floor. Beat the top score in fast-paced color-matching style gameplay to power the machinery, bring the lights back on, and learn the truth of the factory’s downfall!
  • Get to work in arcade mode – Challenge yourself to nine rounds of non-stop color-matching gameplay as the difficulty rises, and overcome the hazards and dangers hiding on the factory floor!
  • Turn down the pressure in single shift mode – Practice and perfect your skills in a customisable game.
  • Rainbow Reactor offers a range of modified color palettes for our colour blind players.

About Rainbow Reactor Fusion

Clock in to the Rainbow Reactor, a fast-moving VR adventure that fuses story-driven exploration with frantic color-matching gameplay. Explore a sprawling, forgotten factory that produced the cleanest energy around (probably…) Once operated by the eccentric Alfred Luzian von Hoffenhasselbrock, the Reactor is filled with clues, secrets and grumpy robots! Can you clean up this mess, solve the mystery of Alfred’s disappearance and bring the color back to the Rainbow Reactor?

About Tunermaxx

The first commercial release from Tunermaxx was the color-matching game Matchic for the Commodore Amiga in 1991.


Today, the company consists of film industry professionals with Hollywood credits under their belt, who see immense potential in Virtual Reality technology. We’re excited to bring our love of storytelling to such an exciting platform of entertainment!

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Guided by a disgruntled robot, Dottie, players will arrive at an abandoned factory – the sole export of which is rainbow energy, the cleanest around! (Probably.) In between levels of hands-on colour matching, players will also face the puzzles, mysteries, and dangerous hazards that await them on the factory floor.

   Together, with the help of Dottie, players are invited to rebuild this forgotten factory, bring colour back to the world, and uncover the lost fate of its previous owner – so, no pressure, right?

   Game designer Kalle Max Hofmann said: “The goal with our first title, Rainbow Reactor, was to make something that was ‘easy to understand but hard to master’, so that even people who try VR – or even just games – for the first time can jump right into it, while offering a sophisticated scoring system to keep it interesting for skilled players. After that game found its success and a base of dedicated fans, we became passionate about building on their excitement, and Rainbow Reactor Fusion came into existence! We fused the true-and-tested Match-3 gameplay with a captivating action-adventure story that has players fixing up the Rainbow Reactor building and solving the mystery of its downfall on the way.”

   For the PlayStation VR2 remaster, the resolution was upgraded to the device’s native display resolution while the frame rate is now 90 fps without reprojection. Materials and textures have been upgraded and some new models have been added. The lighting effects are better by a huge margin and new effects make the match-3 gameplay all the more satisfying. There are also new and improved sound effects, a new music track, more polish & playing comfort as well as new story tidbits. 

All in all, this is the definitive version of Rainbow Reactor: Fusion! 

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